Gaelin’s thoughts on A Little Bit of Light

‘A little bit of light’ – the title perfectly sums up my experience as a performer in this piece.

As we arrived each day of the tour at a new venue, ranging from residential care homes, leisure centres and hospitals, there was always a sense of going into the unknown. Each setting had its own particular routines, support systems and of course the most important variant; audience members that displayed a fantastic array of characters and personalities that I am privileged to have encountered.

A Little Bit Of Light-39

We would often meet the audience informally before beginning, usually over a cup of tea, a bonding ritual not to be overlooked! I don’t know what life is like day to day having a degenerative illness such as dementia, that many of our audience were living with. I only could get a sense of what they might be feeling in the moment of our meeting.

I would often think there is no way to know what a difference we can really make to people’s experience of life, from just the one hour we had with them. The equal playfulness and intimacy of the piece, provoked laughter, encouraged sensitivity, and inspired childlike wonder. We would transform a familiar space into something completely new. However fleeting this offering of lightness might seem in the grand scale of things, surely every interaction within all the moments that makes up a life must count.

A Little Bit Of Light-61

On the first day of the research process, the directors of GlassHouse, Laura and Sarah expressed the desire to make a happy dance. This concept might seem simple but if you really delve deeply into what it might mean to communicate a little bit of light the implications are profound. GlassHouse expertly crafted a piece that made it impossible not to smile, for performers and audiences alike.

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