Wild Wander – Artist Call Out

Glass House Dance are inviting up to 8 artists to join their new artist development programme Wild Wander.

Wild Wander delves into the human need for connection and meaningful experiences using walking, art and the environment for artists.

Wild Wander will be an experience for artists to have the space to question, experiment and nurture their own creative practice in relation to others during and post Covid19. Walking helps to propel creativity and conversations. The wandering allows creative flow to flourish and innovation to thrive.

Artists will be invited to 3 meet ups to walk in October, November and December 2020. Each meeting will take place in a different landscape with a theme hosted by a provocateur to provoke conversation, reflection and visioning for new practices and projects.

The provocateurs

Mike Challis, Sound Maker (October 18th): Mike lives and works in Suffolk and is a freelance sound artist, maker and educator who utilises technology to enable sound composition in a variety of situations, often installation based. He makes SoundHides which encapsulate the sounds of an environment throughout the seasons.

Rosemary Lee Choreographer (November 28th): Known for working in a variety of contexts and media, Rosemary creates large-scale site-specific works with cross-generational casts, solos for herself and other performers, video installations and short films. Her work is characterised by an interest in creating a moving portraiture of the performing individuals and communities she brings together, whilst also exploring and highlighting our relationship with our environment.

Mark Cocker, Author (December 9th) Mark is an author of creative non-fiction, as well as a naturalist and environmental tutor. He writes and broadcasts on nature and wildlife in a variety of national media. In 2018 he completed 30 years as a country diarist for The Guardian and Guardian Weekly and has written over 1,000 articles for both papers. His 12 books include works of biography, history, literary criticism and memoir.

This project fulfils a need to support artists wherever they are in their career, to continue to challenge, source new inspiration, connect and collaborate with artists from other art forms in order to continue making exciting, relevant work that pushes boundaries and perceptions.

The values of the project are:

*Valuing artists as change makers and connective forces in communities
*Connection through sharing in a compassionate and open environment
*Movement and nature being the foundation to inspire and create
*The vision for developing artistic practice, creating work that is rooted in human connection and our environment

The above is to achieve:

*Valuable thinking time for artists to develop projects and performances that are relevant in a present & post Covid world.
*A peer supported group of artists to get through challenging times and to make innovative art with.
*Art that responds to place, the natural environment and to create work that provokes and adapts to developing emergencies and communities needs.


Artists will receive a fee of £200 for each meet up plus travel expenses. As part of your involvement in the project artists will contribute 1 hour conversation with Laura and Sarah towards a new podcast about their experience of Wild Wander. In addition to the walks artists will meet via Zoom between meet ups to reflect keep momentum.

Who is it for?

*Artists based in Norfolk and Suffolk
*Artists from a range of practices and disciplines (incl dance, theatre, music, visual art)
*Artists who create innovative art and engage with their community in some way
*Artists with a personal or professional interest in nature and walking
*Artists who resonate with the values of the project.
*We will be looking to support artists who are in the early and mid-stages of their careers.
*We encourage applications from under-represented artists within Norfolk.

Application Process

Artists are asked to submit an expression of interest (either written or video recording) to include:

*Description of your work and artistic discipline
*Where you are in your artistic journey including how long you have been working, current area of interest and the impact of Covid-19 on your artistic practice.
*Why you would like to be part of this project
*What your interest in nature and walking is.
*How you would be nurtured by the experience and what you would offer the group
*Links to work

We are committed to making our work accessible and diverse. We will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, disability or sexual orientation.

About Glass House Dance

Visionary, Challenging, Passionate & Poignant…

Glass House Dance was set up by Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill to take contemporary dance into the heart of the community. They create essentially human, touching dance pieces with wide appeal for performance in public spaces.

Glass House Dance offers opportunity. People of all ages are invited to experience dance, working with professionals in a process of intergenerational collaboration, exploration and play. It is a shared route, a journey to celebrate the commonality of being human.

For more info visit: glasshousedance.co.uk

Covid-19 measures

A full risk assessment of the project has been carried out. These will be sent out to participants prior to the start of the project. This project will respond to changes in government guidelines as and when they happen.

Please submit by Friday 2nd October 5pm to glasshousedance@outlook.com

Please use the subject heading: Wild Wander Application

Please make sure you have included: the expression of interest, links to your work and contact details.

This project is funded and supported by:

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