Performers call out

Glass House Dance are looking for 5 dancers for 1 week to play!

Image description: Laura Anderson and Sarah Lewis, co-directors of Glass House Dance are dancing face to face with a playful look to each other, surrounded by a group or dancers watching them in a dance studio.

About the project and Glass House Dance

This is a one-week informal research period to test ideas for our new outdoor touring show, ‘red light, green light’, a quirky, joyful and offbeat meeting of people combining dance, street performance and clowning.

During the week we will be playing lots of games, getting to know each other, playing with improvisation scores and with joyful movement ideas alone and together.

This project will be led by Sarah Lewis and Laura Anderson, Co-Directors of Glass House Dance. They have made their mark on the outdoor arts scene, touring nationally for 8 years. 

Their reputation is built on creating uplifting participatory and interactive performances and events for people of all ages. Passionate about blending dance and street theatre they are also recognised for working collaboratively with both professional and recreational dancers by hosting a positive, playful space for people to express their unique creativity to make essentially human, touching dance experiences with wide appeal.
They are currently associate artists of DanceEast and Norwich Arts Centre.

The week will convene at DanceEast, Ipswich:

October 10th – 14th 2022

10am – 5pm

Who are we looking for?

The roles are non gender, age or ethnicity specific. We are looking for a range of performers with different skills to offer. The 5 performers will:

  • Be experienced improvisers that can hold a space confidently outdoors.
  • Be performers with a movement practice.
  • Have experience of street theatre or outdoor performance.
  • Be skilled in connecting and interacting with other performers and audience members.
  • Clowning or circus experience are also favourable.


Performers will be paid £659.50 plus £90.50 holiday pay.

Performers will also be paid per diems, accommodation and travel expenses.

To Apply:

Please send your CV with either a covering note, audio or video message highlighting your skills relevant to the application and your reasons for wanting to join us for a week to play to with the subject heading ‘performer call out‘.

Also include a link to your show reel if available.

Application deadline: 26th September 2022

We will let applicants know the outcome by 28th September


2013-07-05 20.33.57

Fallen Thoughts performed by Studio Eclipse

GlassHouse were recently invited by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival to attend the Outdoor Lab Experience held by Cratère Surfaces an International Outdoor Festival in Alès, France. It was an amazing experience that allowed Sarah and I some valuable reflection time.

The Outdoor Lab Experience or OLE was aimed at emerging artists or established artists who are new to working in outdoor environments.

France has a long and established history of creating work for the street and as such are remarkably creative and dynamic. Famous French street artists have created unforgettable images, invested in places that had previously been inaccessible and fired up the imagination of generations of spectators and artists too.

We were lucky enough to be invited along with other artists from various backgrounds and artforms from all over Europe and further afield. We were  invited to watch and study various performances within a festival context, from the perspective of an audience member, keeping the professional critical sense in mind. What are the codes? How do you address the audience, and to what effect? What are the pitfalls ?

We had the opportunity to meet other experienced artists, producers and promoters to discuss the process of making work for outdoor environments which really helped to refine our thought process.

It wasn’t all work though! The festival provided cultural excursions, typically long French dinner discussions and even a post-lunch dip in a local river which offered welcome relief from the hot sun.

2013-07-07 13.09.06Sarah and I returned from the trip fired up and inspired to create our new work. Keep your eyes peeled for news of our next creation!