Aviva Community Fund

Sharing a physical space and dancing with another human is a profound and touching experience. Dance exists in the moment and enables people to be fully present in a world which often forces us out of it. GlassHouse provides opportunities for everyone to delight in these experiences.


We are applying to the Aviva Community Fund to support our education workshops and we need votes!

This fund will host 8 monthly participatory dance workshops across Norfolk, including rural areas, in 2017 and an additional 3 day summer school under the title “Inside Glass House”.

“Inside Glass House” has an artistic focus, drawing from Laura and Sarah’s experience and approach to making dances. The average age of attendees of Glass House Dance workshops is between 30-84 years and in 2017, with the support of this funding, these workshops will encourage people to be active and participate in these events by being able to offer a reduced fee or free attendance to anyone on a low wage or retired and to widely publicise the workshops.

These workshops are all about inclusivity. They are about multiple generations moving and dancing together rather than exclusivity for an age bracket. The benefits of generations moving together for social inclusion and self efficacy are vast and vital.

These dance workshops will take place in dance studios, village and community halls around Norfolk and may include outdoor elements. They are an opportunity for participants to move their bodies, be playful and experimental in a fun and social environment.

Funding these workshops over a year will create a community of participants from all over Norfolk that will make the workshops self sustaining in the future. Over the year, the aim is to build a community of dancers that can continue to grow and may even turn into a company.

Please help us by voting. Follow the link below to cast your votes. Thank you.





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